Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re sure to have heard of social networks.

One of the problems with wine that I’ll continue to allude to is the 3 P’s of wine: poncey, posh and pretentious wine talk. Social networks and, in this case, drinker generated content, may be the answer to this – wine tasted and written about by amateurs (in the true meaning of the word, amateur, i.e. for the love of). Of course, it might make the situation worse!

In the Wine 2.0 series of posts, I’ll mull over some wine websites worth a looksy:

  • Bottletalk.com
  • Adegga
  • Cork’d
  • Wine Library TV
  • Added: Snooth.com.

Next week, a look at Bottletalk.com, hailing from the UK.