Wine tasting evening, 15th April

The first of what I hope to be a monthly event, will take place in Fallon & Byrne, Exchequer Street, Dublin 2 on April 15th.

How will these montly wine tasting evenings work?

  • We may switch between venues every month, suggestions most welcome
  • Every month may (or may not) have a theme, again suggestions welcome
  • We’ll open a couple of bottles and talk about wine and far more important stuff like the weather, girls, house prices and Web 2.0.
  • It’s not about Sour Grapes, but rather the people who attend

Why organise wine tasting?

I like wine and others do too, why not meet up, taste it, talk shit about it?

In addition, many wine shops run wine tasting evenings - but you only get to taste what they want you to taste (and flog) so it’s somewhat limited.

If there’s a group of us, i.e. people power, we’ll be able to taste some nicer wines and get some discounts.

How do I sign up for a wine tasting evening?

Just show up, but I’d appreciate a comment below, just to get a sense of numbers and to book a tableau or two.

I’ll be sponsoring a thoroughly decent bottle. If there’s enough interest, Fallon & Byrne may even throw in a bottle and/or some discounts - I’ll give them a ring.