I got talking to Jacquie from the Wine Board of Ireland about their new series of fine wine tastings. It looks to be a very diverse range of tastings with something for everyone and they’ve come down from €70 to €45 which is always nice.

I’ve already signed up to the first, the Château Palmer, to see what all the fuss is about with this flagship Bordeaux wine producer.

Château Palmer, Margaux, Bordeaux. 8th May

A tasting of Château Palmer and Alter Ego.

  • Palmer Alter Ego: 2001;2005
  • Château Palmer: 1990;1994;1998;2000;2003. They’re also working on getting some 1983 & 2005.

Cost: €45

Southern Stars: A Selection from the Langtons Top 100 – Cult Classics. 15th May.

  • Tyrrells Vat 1 Semillon
  • Giaconda Chardonnay
  • Lleuwin Chardonnay
  • Wendouree Shiraz and Malbec
  • Moss Wood Cabernet
  • Bindi Pinot Noir
  • Morilla Reserve Pinot Noir
  • An some other Cult Classics not yet seen in Ireland…Assisted by the Australina Wine Industry.

Cost: €45

Wine Board Social Club Tasting: Enowine IFSC, Sheridans Cheesemongers and Fine Wines. 16th May

An Informal Social Club Tasting on Saturday, 16th May from 3pm til 7pm.

Delicious cheeses from Sheridans, home made Antipasti by Massimo from Enowine’s restaurant, and some icon wines on tasting, guided by Hakan Eriksson, Manager at enowine and Jacqueline Stedman,Winemaker/Viticulturist, Lecturer with the Wine Board of Ireland.

A fantastic way to explore a huge variety of stunning wines from all over the globe vineyard among fellow wine lovers.

Cost: €45

Champagne Salon – The Good Years. 22nd May

A once in a blue moon tasting of the elite Champagne Salon.

Only made in the great vintage years that come from the cream of the Les Mesnil Vineyards, this is an opportunity to experience a benchmark in quality vintage Champagne.

Cost: €45

Lignier Portfolio, Burgundy. 29th May 

Stunning Burgundies from a cult producer, who consistantly gains accolades from all the global Burgundian cognoscenti!

John Dowling will host this evening of sexy wines, with his dynamic, effervescent enthusiasm in regards to all things Burgundian.

Cost: €45

Barolo – Perfeto Piemont. 5th June

An amazing opportunity to experience and understand more of a selection of Nebbiolo, that are at times “financially inaccessible”

Cost: €45

Never Seen New Zealanders. 12th June

With the help of the New Zealand Winemakers and Viticultural Association, and insider information, some NZ Wines previously unseen in Ireland.

Riesling; Pinot Gris; Chardonnay; Merlot; Cabernet; Shiraz, all from the land of the long white cloud. Not only regional but aging potential of these fantastic wines…!

Cost: €45

3 ways to book:

To reserve a place at any of the above tastings you can:

  1. Book online
  2. Call Jacquie on 01 475 7580