Is it my imagination or has South African wine largely been ignored for the last year or so? If so, it’s a real shame as there is some great stuff coming out of there are the moment. One example is this Black Oystercatcher “Triton” from Elim, not far from the southern most tip of South Africa.

This tip is where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. Cooling winds converge on the vineyards which results in increasing the growing season considerably. This allows for phenolic or “flavour” ripeness to be achieved at the same time as the sugar ripeness.

Black Oystercatcher wines is spearheaded by Dirk Human and named after the small, endangered ocean bird, the Black Oystercatcher, which thrives along the coastline around the cool tip of Africa, so do Black Oystercatcher wines grow and mature at the lap of the perpetual ocean breeze.


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