Drogheda, a town in county Louth, stretching across the border into neighbouring Meath, is becoming a bit of media darling.

Featured recently on national television, it’s no longer just a town you bypass on the way to Dundalk but somewhere worth stopping.

And if stop you do, then stop you must at Quintessential Wines on the Dublin Road.

There, you’ll find a modest but carefully selected range of wines on the shelves.

One that stands out is a Spanish wine, Honoro Vera.

She stands out initially because of her elaborate postpunk label, worthy of a place on thedieline.com

But beneath the label it gets even better. If the label manages to seduce you, the seduction continues.

She’s a Garnacha (Grenache) made from old gnarly bush vines rather than those obedient trained and trellised ones.

She’s big, round, with a sassy spiciness too.

While she’s about a tenner off the shelf, she tastes far classier too.

She is a brilliant wine and  one worth spending a night or two with.