Riesling presents a conundrum. For some it produces the greatest white wines in the world, yet by others it is often
misunderstood and ridiculed. A wine tasting in Cork’s Ballymaloe, aims to resolves these two disparate points of view.

I agree with this, despite my best efforts from Germany, Alsace or indeed Australia, I’ve tried to bring over both my wife and mother-in-law over to the virtues of Riesling. Finally, I cracked it. I served the Tim Adams Clare Valley Riesling 2008 (available in Tesco) to them last weekend.

“Limes!” called the MIL and for me, it may well have been Archimedes’ shouting “Eureka”.

If you don’t know someone as persistent as me in getting the Riesling message across, then get on down to Ballymaloe on Thursday, 17th May for a tasting of Rieslings from Germany’s Rheingau, France’s Alsace and Australia’s Clare Valley.

Three winemakers from 3 of the great Riesling growing regions of the world will be presenting their wines.

  1. Tim Adams is based in Australia’s Clare Valley and since establishing Tim Adams wines in 1984 has developed a reputation as a brilliant and fiercely independent winemaker. For me, his wines are amongst the best you will find in the aisles of Tesco. They truly are fantastic. He’s a top bloke too, watch my interview with him here.
  2. Based in Germany’s Rheingau, Carl Ehrhard expertly marries tradition with innovation in making and packaging his delicious range of wines. I did a video tasting (cringe) of three of the wines over two years ago. View it here.
  3. Then it’s Séverine Schlumberger’s turn. She’s Domaines Schlumberger is custodian of both this famous house and it’s vineyards. sadly, no video for you on that one, but the wines are excellent.

And if three passionate Riesling winemakers weren’t enough, the evening will be hosted by John Wilson, Irish Times Wine (& beer) writer, and self confessed“Riesling disciple”.

When, where and booking etc.

When: Thursday 17th May, 7pm

Where: The Grain Store at Ballymaloe, Cork

How much: The cost per person for the tasting and some delicious matching nibbles is €25 Euro and bookings can be made direct with Ballymaloe House on and 021 4652 531.

For more information, contact Colm Mc Can at Ballymaloe  or John Mc Donnell of Wine
Australia at  to find out more.