Dunnes have this down to €8 though I’m not sure how long that’s for. Unlike the sickly, confectionary pink hues you’ll see on supermarket shelves, this is a lighter salmon/copper colour. It’s from the large, but illustrious producer, Lorgeril.

The Chateau itself is in the small hamlet of Pennautier, a few minutes drive from Carcassone. It’s the “Versailles of the South”. Okay, I added that bit but they did host Louis XIII, who left his bed behind him.

The AOC is Cabardès which allows for (or insists on) a mix of grapes from the Atlantic (i.e. the Bordeaux) grapes and those from the Med. This has Cab. Franc, Merlot, Grenache and Syrah.

Anyway, behind the big producer and the big Chateau is a beautifully crisp, soft rosé. Really refreshing and at a nice refreshing price of €8. Pick up a few, you’ll want to go back for more.