Burgundy wine tasting at Mitchell & Son

This is the second in a series of three posts on the Burgundy wine-tasting I did in Mitchell & Son on April 10th. The first covered some white wines from Burgundy. This second post covers some of the Pinot Noir red wines from Burgundy.

The first two were from Mercurey, with winemaker, Agnès Dewé-de Launay, talking me through her wines.

Mercurey Premier Cru 2003, Domaine du Meix Foulot (€23.50)

Nice dry, high acid with nice fresh red berries and silky tannins.

Verdict: Very nice, so I bought a bottle at a discount for €20.70

Mercurey Premier Cru 2006, Domaine du Meix Foulot (en primeur)

The en primeur version of the previous wine. Really, really fruity and “fizzy” as the winemaker, Agnès Dewé-de Launay, decribed it.

Verdict: hard to know, for me, how this will taste when it’s ready for drinking, but likely to be all about the fresh red fruit.

Bourgogne Rouge 2005, Domaine Edmond Cornu (€16.95)

A “Bourgogne Rouge” is made from Pinot Noir grapes anywhere in the Burgundy region, so has “less typicity and terroir has less of an impact”. Getting away from winespeak, what this really means is grapes are mixed and blended from here, there and everywhere in the greater Burgundy region which results in a wine with no outstanding characteristics but one that can be perfectly drinkable. Expect to pay from €15 to €20 for this kind of wine.

Verdict: Decent

Santenay Premier Cru Les Gravieres 2005, Domaine Jean Claude Belland (€28.50)

As the price starts to climb, so does the quality. This one was quite light, very dry and very fruity.

Verdict: Good

Côtes de Nuits Villages 2005, Domaine Edmond Cornu (€25.95)

From the northern area of the Côte d’Or, this one is comprised of grapes taken from a collection of vineyards in the villages of Côte de Nuits. Fresh, fruity, high acidity and dry.

Verdict: Decent

Volnay 2005, Domaine Bitouzet-Prier (€28.95)

Good weight, body with heavier tannins than the others, simply a bigger wine.

Verdict: Very Good

Aloxe Corton Premier Cru Les Moutottes 2005, Domaine Edmond Cornu (€52.95)

Yikes! €53 for a bottle of wine, but this was really really superb. Still, I’m not sure if I’m at the place, regardless of wealth, where I’d drop this kind of money on 750ml of fermented grape juice. Again, worth repeating that it was superb, so perhaps for a very special occasion.

Verdict: Superb (but too pricey)

Volnay Premier Cru Clos de Chenes 2000, Domaine Bitouzet-Prier (€41.95)

Very fruity, high acidity, overall intense raspberry hit. I preferred the cheaper Volnay above, from the same producer.

Verdict: Okay

Vosne Romanée 2004, Domaine Jerôme Chezeaux (€39.95)

Quite light, high acid, nice long length and very very aromatic. Really loved the smell from this one.

Verdict: Very Good

Morey-Saint-Denis Premier Cru Clos des Ormes 2005, Domaine Lignier (€43.80)

Very rounded, balanced, really nicely perfumed with great fruit and some good textured tannins.

Verdict: Superb

Gevrey-Chambertin 2003, Domaine Lignier (€37.85)

This one is from the Côtes de Nuits and has the same producer as the previous wine. However, with only 2km in the difference the difference is still telling. Much stronger than the Morey-Saint-Denis with a lot of earth, damp leaves and savoury flavours going on instead of just fresh red berries which I really liked.

Verdict: Really Good

Pommard 2004, Domaine Jerome Sordet (€39.95)

Pommard lies futher south in the Côte de Beaune. This was quite dirty with high tannins and less fruit going on. Quite a dry red but with a great balance.

Verdict: Really Good

Some thoughts on Burgundy Pinot Noir

No doubt, it’s pricey stuff but some of the above Burgundy Pinot Noirs were really good.

From the elegant, perfumed fresh fruits of Morey-Saint-Denis to the more stinky, earthy (almost dirty), heavier ones from Gevry-Chambertin or Pommard, I think my favourite was the Aloxe Corton but at €53 a pop, I won’t be drinking it for a while.