Tigress Bay of Fires Pinot Noir Tasmania

The Tigress Pinot Noir 2005 from Bay of Fires, Tasmania was the second of the two Pinot Noirs I picked up from Cellars on the Naas Road.

While the Meyer-Näkel Spätburgunder was a real disappointment, this was a decent find.

Tasmania for wine

Tasmania is far cooler than mainland Australia, similar to New Zealand in many ways - so a perfect place to grow Pinot Noir, a grape that thrives in cooler climes.

The Tigress is also very similar in style to some New Zealand Pinot Noirs and compares favourably with Spy Valley, Villa Maria or similar.

Tasting the Tigress Pinot Noir

Great fruit, cherries and raspberries with light smooth tannins. Got even better an hour or so after opening.

About €17 from Cellars, Naas Road