Sure, you could book yourself on a wine course.

However, if:

  • the price is a little steep
  • there isn’t a wine course near you or
  • you can’t commit to the schedule

then why not try the following as an alternative?

  1. Buy this book
  2. Get together regularly with with a group of friends
  3. Each bring a different bottle according to the “course” chapter.

Jancis Robinson is probably the top wine writer in the world. While being a wine expert, she can still bring it back to basics with a clarity and wit that is all too often missing from the established wine writers who take the whole wine thing very seriously.

The aim of this book is to get you up to scratch on wine appreciation, how to taste, what to look for and how to tell your Chardonnay from your Riesling.

Get How to taste on Amazon.