Bordeaux: The Wines, the Vineyards, the Winemakers

bordeaux-oz-clarkeIn many ways, Bordeaux can be a very intimidating place. There are so many wines, they’re all in French and you have to spend a small fortune to get a “good one”. And that’s just for starters.

Oz Clarke does extremely well and breaks down all these barriers (well, apart from the price of the wines) with his recent book on Bordeaux. He’s clearly enchanted by the mystique of Bordeaux and the enthusiasm we’ve seen in his BBC series with James May clearly comes through in the book.

As the title suggests, he covers everything (and more) you’ll ever need to know about Bordeaux from the land and the people who work it through to how this results in majestic wines.

A great read and a great reference – the “go-to” book for Bordeaux

Check out Oz Clarke’s Bordeaux on Amazon.