I’d spotted the Tim Adams label in Tesco a few month’s back and thought it looked a little more professional than the others, but it was just a passing observation, which if nothing else illustrates the value of good label design to help differentiate from the rows and rows of grape juice from the best known big wine brands.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I evesdropped Ernie Whalley and Paul Kiernan on tweeting about the virtues of Tim Adams.

The serendipity doesn’t end there. Before the Ireland-Australia game, I had the pleasure of joining John McDonnell from Wine Australia for a pre-match lunch. Along with the great spread at Ely CHQ, we had a bottle of Tim Adams Aberfeldy Shiraz. Bloody good drop.

I really had to meet this Tim Adams.

So, this weekend the three paths of destiny wound their way to the Tesco aisles where I spotted the Tim Adams Riesling 2008 (€12.69). It’s from South Australia’s Clare Valley, an area renowned for its Riesling.

The Tim Adams 2008 Riesling won plenty of awards at this year’s International Wine Challenge, if you take stock in that kind of thing.

From what I’ve read fro the label, it deserves those accoldates. Most noticeably, it’s made from free run juice, the juice that runs from the grapes before they are crushed. The sheer weight of all the grapes in a pile force out some juice. This illustrates a wine maker’s focus on quality, which really comes out in this wine.

And here’s what Oz Clarke said of the 2007

It’s such a pure flavour, crystalline lemon zest and cooking apple skin rolled in a cascade of bright dry pebbles, A hint of brioche and a suggestion of honey to come softens up its pithy, dry style without compromising its austerity.

The taste

Now, for the important bit. For me this Riesling is all about floral lime, minerals, peach stones, slightly oily texture and full longlasting flavours. Really delicious.

The cost

A real steal at €12.69 from Tesco. A premium Australian wine at a knockdown price.