Key stats for

I set up on June 26th, having sat on the domain name for a while.

My aim for the site

My aim for the site is to bring more traffic to the great and the good of the Irish online wine scene, whether commentators, critics or retailers.

How it works

RSS: Real simple syndication

I pick up the RSS feeds of the wine blogs in Ireland and publish a snippet or teaser for each one. This is all done automagically.

Feeding the Tweetie bird

Via my @smallsips account on twitter and an excellent tool called TwitterFeed, I pick up any posts and a tweet goes out in the following format. It’s also automagic.

I stuck with the smallsips account as I already had a bit of “brand equity” and it would be a lot easier than starting another twitter account.

How it works for you

The more you post, the greater the footprint you have – a trail leading to your site. This may or may not help your SEO (search engine optimisation) efforts. If it does, great.

Ultimately, I hope it brings you web traffic, readers, customers and good karma. If it is bringing you any of these, I’d be delighted to know.