Campo Viejo Tapas Trail: a dish of tapas

Starting on Wednesday and running every  Wednesday and Saturday for the month of June, you can get a feel for how it’s done in Spain or Basque country with the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail.

What is the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail?

It’s about bringing a bit of the culinary experience, not just the food, of Spain to Ireland. In practical terms, this means having a few tasty bites in one spot, washed down with a small glass of wine, before moving on to the next restaurant. I remember the ritual fondly from a holiday in San Sebastián/Donostia a few years back.

How does the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail work?

Each Wednesday and Saturday the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail will visit five top tapas venues around Dublin including Bar Pinxto, The Port House, Salamanca Dame Street, Salamanca St Andrews Street and Havana Tapas Bar.

Here’s a map I put together for the Campo Viejo Trail.

Señoras y señores taking part will receive a Tapas Trail map which will highlight the participating restaurants, the map will be stamped as they move from restaurant to restaurant and they will spend 30 minutes enjoying a tapas dish and a small glass of wine before moving en masse to the next venue. 100 people can participate on the trail during each session, they will be split up into five groups of 20 with each group of 20 starting off in a different participating restaurant.

Who is behind the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail?

Irish Distillers are organising it. They manage the Campo Viejo brand in Ireland.

How much does it cost to take part in the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail?

Tickets for the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail are €20

When, exactly, is the Tapas Trail?

Taking place each Wednesday between 6.00pm and 9.00pm and each Saturday between 2.00pm and 6.00pm in participating restaurants throughout the month of June.

How do I book the Campo Viejo Tapas Trail?