Earlier in the week, I posted a blog video tasting on a wine called Sásta, from Portugal’s Douro region. To do so, I posted on Viddler, but also on YouTube, (as a back-up).

I also posted a review on Twitter, using the rating site LouderVoice format.

Different sites, same message with different formats – Twitter, Video and the blog post. So what?

Joining the conversation

Now, all of this was “genuine engagement” or “joining the conversation” – all the stuff you hear from Social Media experts, not SEO.

The positive side effect

The interesting part of all this is when searching for “Sásta Douro”, all but the last two results come back to content I’ve produced (granted, the “Sásta Douro” may not be the most competitive phrase, but it serves as a good example of where this should be headed).

Google Search Results 8 of the top 10 are created content

Those last two on the first page are the importers of the wine, The Wicklow Wine Co and the Irish Times.

Here’s the thing: SEO is now becoming more about owning the whole page of results, not just the top results. This means combining Twitter/Blog/Video  into what marketing types would call a “cross-channel strategy”. 

Build your brand, squeeze out the  comp.

The benefits are not just increasing your own brand visibility within the search results, but squeezing out the competiton. Interesting times. Wonder what Rob thinks