Electric Bottle Cooler – Mini Wine Fridge



Cool your beverage down wherever you are with this mini-fridge! 

This electric beverage cooler adopts an advanced refrigeration chip. It can cool your drink to -2℃ – 5℃ in 16 minutes. It can also lower the temperature of the metal base to 20℃ within 30 seconds. It is 5 times faster than a refrigerator. This small device provides longer cooling for any drink, including wine! This mini fridge keeps your drink cold till the last sip the entire time. Now you don’t have to rush to finish your drink! With the rapid beverage cooling appliance, you can easily chill warm beverages like beer, juices, nutritional/diet drinks, soda, sports drinks, water, and wine.

The electric cooler supports 2 cooling methods sinking and reversing. Just pour the beverage into the aluminum cup or put the drink bottle directly into the aluminum cup. What is more, there is double-walled insulation. It keeps temperature longer and prevents condensation on the outer surface to avoid dirtying your table. The aluminum cup is made of high purity special food-grade aluminum. It has the characteristics of lightweight and strong conductivity. This mini wine fridge will become a good friend for traveling, working, playing games, or watching TV shows!

✔️ KEEPS YOUR DRINK COLD — The 350ml cooler cup keeps your beverages instantly cold and at the same temperature. Now you don’t have to rush to finish your drink, you can enjoy your drink during the whole day.

✔️ QUEIT & ENERGY-SAVING – Featuring a built-in silent machine, it won’t bother you when you use it at home. This cooler has a sunken design to prevent energy waste.

✔️ KEEPS YOUR TABLE CLEAN & DRY – The double-walled insulation prevents condensation on the outer wall. Don’t be afraid to place it near gadgets!

✔️ NON-SLIP FOOTPAD – The bottom of this mini cooler is made of a silicone non-slip footpad. It makes it hard to slide off the table.

2 reviews for Electric Bottle Cooler – Mini Wine Fridge

  1. K***n

    I am super pleased with this cooler. It will even freeze the water at the bottom of the cup if you do not drink from it for a couple of hours! This unit is absolutely quiet. Great thing!

  2. B***n

    This unit keeps my wine cold for a very long time. No more going to the refrigerator multiple times daily to get a cold beverage. And it doesn’t sweat on my papers! So it’s worth it.

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