Wooden Wine Rack

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Store your wine safely and conveniently in one location with this modern wooden wine rack!

For wines to mature properly, you’ll need to have the right humidity, temperature, light condition, and movement. There is no other safer place than a wine rack! This wooden wine rack is used to fix the bottles in place and prevent them from slipping and breaking. It has 10 slots for storing up to 10 bottles. You can place it not only in the cellar, basement, or cabinet but also in your kitchen, pantry, or bar. In this rack, the corks of your bottles will always stay wet. It is vital to prevent drying and crumbling.

This wine rack is made of purely natural wood. It is hard, strong, and more durable than other wine racks. It is also carbonized by fire without any paint while retaining the original wood texture. This is not only a healthy and natural home essential but also a beautiful wooden handicraft. A high-quality extended screw fixes the connection of the wine rack. Moreover, this wine rack is foldable. You can use it directly after unfolding without assembly. Plus, it can be easily stored anywhere without taking up much space when not in use.

✔️ KEEPS YOUR WINE FRESH – The horizontal position of bottles ensures the air bubbles are in contact with the cork to keep it fresh for longer.

✔️ CROSS STRUCTURE – The cross structure provides a super load-bearing and stable support.

✔️ SMOOTH SURFACE – The smoothly polished surface protects the bottles and doesn’t scratch furniture. 

2 reviews for Wooden Wine Rack

  1. E***n

    Very nice looking wine rack. Very sturdy! No worries about losing bottles.

  2. K***n

    My husband recently started collecting wines. He has so many bottles of all sizes, so this design can fit all sizes which is a plus comparing to the other wine racks. Definitely serves the purpose!

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