Electric Wine Aerator

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Amplify the ambiance and enhance the purity of your wine! Impress your guests with this electric wine aerator! 

This electric wine aerator pumps air into the bottle for better aeration and oxidation. The dual suction and infusion technology leave even sediment behind. It softens the tannins and instantly uncovers the hidden flavors and aromas. In other words, it gives a rich flavor to your wine. This device carefully pours wine into your wine glasses. No spills and stains anymore! The electric wine aerator features an airtight rubber seal that locks out air outside the bottle. It allows your wine to remain fresh while you’re drinking or having fun with your friends.

This electric device has a flexible tube that comes into touch with the wine. It’s made of harmless and safe ABS material. No need to worry about any damage to your health! Moreover, the aerator comes with a built-in lithium battery. It’s absolutely rechargeable and durable. You can fully charge it just in 2.5 hours!

How to use: 

First, put the wine aerator into the wine spout pourer. Second, tighten the smart wine aerator on the bottle. Third, push the button on the top of the aerator to pour aerated wine directly into your glass. To clean the aerator, fill an empty wine bottle with clean water. Then, insert the wine aerator and press the top button until the bottle empties. Finish by drying the wine aerator with a towel.

✔️ SUITABLE FOR MOST BOTTLES – The stainless steel straw facilitates flexible length for adapting variable bottle heights. 

✔️ LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE DESIGN – The size and weight of the aerator allow you to bring it to parties or on journeys.

✔️ TIME-SAVING & EASY TO USE – It only takes a minute to install this electric wine aerator. It saves your time from hours of decanting. 

3 reviews for Electric Wine Aerator

  1. N***e

    I love this wine aerator! No more lifting my wine bottle to pour… I just push a button and out it comes!!! Magic!

  2. H***y

    I got this wine aerator after I saw it at my friend’s house! It really improves the taste, works well even with cheap wines. Such a good thing for such a wine lover like me!

  3. B***y

    Easy to use and even easier to clean. I can definitely taste a difference in my wine. I can actually taste the flavors described on the wine bottle now! I take it to parties and it’s a good conversation starter! =)

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