Wine Collar Thermometer

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Not sure what’s the best temperature for your wine? Keep track of it with this wine collar thermometer! 

When wines are served too cold or too warm, the flavors and aromas are completely masked. Temperature makes a huge difference. That’s why a wine thermometer is a necessity for all winos to have in their toolbox. This wine collar thermometer accurately determines temperature without having to open the bottle! It ensures you’ll always get the most out of every single bottle of wine. Even better, it doesn’t use mercury or requires a power source. You won’t have to worry about buying new batteries. Now your wine will always be at the correct temperature when you serve it. You’ll never miss out on getting the full experience of the liquid inside that bottle with this collar thermometer.

This thermometer is made of non-toxic, high-quality stainless steel. What is more, it is durable and rust-resistant. An advanced sensor digital display technology makes it possible to display the bottle temperature in 15 seconds. The ultra-fast reading makes it an ideal wine bottle thermometer. It is capable of recording wine temperatures from 4 to 24 degrees Celsius. Simply clip the thermometer onto the wine bottle, and let it automatically measure the temperature.

✔️ SUITABLE FOR ALL BOTTLES – The width and diameter of this collar allow you to use it on bottles of different sizes. You can also determine the temperature of milk bottles, beverages, refrigerators, and kettles with this device.

✔️ INSTANT READ – The clear scale allows you to read the temperature in 15 seconds.

✔️ HAS A PRINTED WINE GUIDE – The printed guide tells you the perfect temperature for your wine. 

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  1. D***d

    I love it, it reads the temperature quickly and it is easy to place on the bottle. A must-have for wine lovers!

  2. S***n

    This is the best device for assessing a wine’s temperature. This thermometer is awesome! Accurate and easy to use – exactly what I’ve been looking for.

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